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Top Category Computer Solution Provider

Who are we

Who are we

Topcat Networks Limited was established in 2000. We define ourselves as Top-Category Computer Solution Provider. Topcat is a professional software developer on Website, Web Services, Excel VBA Application, SQL Database, ASP and .NET Applications. On hardware and network solution perspectives, we act as a hardware reseller as well as professional system integrator on HP, IBM, DELL, Cisco, Sonicwall, Intel, Citrix, AMP and Avaya.

Who are we

Our history

Before setting up this company, we have done a lot of preparations on building up a reliable and fruitful relationship with manufacturers and business partners. As an I.T. firm, we believe technology can change our life, but we need to understand the best way of using it. To all of our customers, we would offer the most appropriate solutions to satisfy their requirements, at the best value of money.

Who are we

Our commitment

  • On time delivery of products and services.
  • Guarantee top category of quality on our products and support.
  • Cost effective and latest technology.
  • Develop and maintain long-term relationship.
  • Provide accurate and powerful online derivative analysis.
  • Virtual office implementation through e-commerce.