Email Policy
Auto Forwarding is restricted
  • Email Forwarding can be done on request.
  • There is no reason why this needs to be done except convenience.
  • It is not secure and no guarantee that only your employee has access to your business message.
  • Sensitive message gets shared.
  • Your users may respond to business messages from personal account which is not appropriated.
  • Liability issues on legal entity responsibilty if there is missing message.
  • It can hurt your domain email reputation score with email providers and spam engines.
  • Worldclient Webmail Support
  • Recommend to use HTTPS to secure with encryption
  • Enable Multi-factor authentication (Worldclient - Settings - Security)
  • Change your password regularly for every 6 months
  • Do not use Webmail via Public WIFI
  • Secure SMTP, POP and IMAP
  • Recommend to use SSL POP3 (port 995) and SSL IMAP4 (port 993)
  • Send mail should use StartTLS (port 587) and SSL SMTP (port 465)
  • Restriction on Email message
  • Maximum single message size is 25MB
  • Maximum hourly message can be sent is 60.